iPhone 8 Price on Amazon and Flipkart: Pre Ordered, Pre Booking and Release Date in India.

Buy NOW Apple iPhone 8 Pre Order Flipkart India, Amazon & eBay. iPhone 8 Price & Final Pre Booking Date. iPhone 8 Launch Event Date.  World’s Most Powerful Mobile Brand Apple Is Coming Back with Next iPhone Series Smartphone ”Apple iPhone 8”. Apple iPhone 8 Has a Unique Features Than iPhone 7. Apple iPhone 8 Is Launching On 12th September 2017 at Bill Graham Auditorium, California.

The iPhone launch is Apple’s biggest event, which is attended by millions of people from all around the world via offline or online live video streaming too.

Most of the people are waiting to book iPhone 8, Now they can pre-order or pre-book iPhone 8 soon after its launch. The iPhone 8 Pre-booking will be starting on Flipkart, Amazon portals soon.

iPhone 8 Pre-Order Starts from 15th September:

Apple has sent out invites for a launch event that is holding at Steve Jobs Theater inside its new campus- Cupertino, California. At that event Apple is not only going to unveil the iPhone 8, which is likely unique and never seen before design, but also the updated iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s plus that will succeed the existing iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus.

iPhone Pre-Booking Date:

The Apple iPhone 8 price will be revealed at the launch event. Yet, the Apple has not left a clue regarding the price. The gadgets Apple iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 8 sale will be starting within 2 weeks. The iPhone 8 is expected to be priced more than its previous gadgets. The iPhone 8 Pre-booking is going to start from 15th September on various online portals such as Flipkart, Amazon, and eBay.

The iPhone 8 is till now is trending and most awaited phone in India in the year 2017. The estimated price of this phone will be around 70 thousand to 1 lakh.

iPhone 8 Pre-Order and Pre-Booking Date in India:

If we have a look on Recap of some recent I-phone release date from that we can say it will come in September:

1) iPhone 7: Wednesday, September 7 (reveal) | Friday, September 16 (release)

2) iPhone 6S: Wednesday, September 9 (reveal) | Saturday, September 19 (release)

3) iPhone 6: Tuesday, September 9 (reveal) | Friday, September 19 (release)

4) iPhone 5S: Tuesday, September 10 (reveal) | Friday, September 20 (release)

5) iPhone 5: Wednesday, September 12 (reveal), Friday, September 21 (release)

Based on those dates, we expected that iPhone 8 Pre Order reveal date to be either Tuesday, September 12, or it may be on Wednesday, September 13. Before this now already we know that apple has confirmed an event for September 12, to launch iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 88 Specifications:

Apple is yet to release three versions of next iPhone, including a 4.7 inch iPhone 7s, 5.5 inch iPhone 7s plus and a 5.8 inch iPhone 8.  iPhone 8 will have an OLED display that can stretch across the whole front of the phone. This is the main reason for the high price tag, according to the source, OLED display will cause the twice the price of LCD display. Early reports suggested that all three models could be same identical specifications but it’s looking that iPhone 8 model will be more significantly advanced that 7s and 7s plus.

How to Pre-Order iPhone or How to Claim iPhone Pre-Booking Order?

  1. Visit Amazon, Flipkart, Amazon, Snap deal or any other portal.
  2. Sign up with your login credentials.
  3. In the Gadgets section, search for iPhone 8
  4. By clicking on it you can see all the details such as model, features, and other details of iPhone 8.
  5. Also, the users can check the time taken for shipping to the particular pin code, and what are the payment options available etc. details on the same page.
  6. After going through all the details, proceed to check out.
  7. Fill up all the details of shipping address, name, mobile number, email id, etc.
  8. Pay the bill using any credit/debit cards.
  9. That’s it! You have successfully placed the order for iPhone 8.
  • The mobile will be shipped to the address within 7 working days.

If you were eagerly waiting for Apple latest new iPhone 8, so here it comes wait for tomorrow and pre book your iPhone 8. So, if you think this information is valuable than share it to all your friends and families so that they can also Pre-book the new iPhone 8.

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Comparison: Which One is Better?

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Which is best for you to buy?

Note 6 and iPhone 7

Both phones iPhone 7 and Galaxy Note 6 were released in the year 2016. To figure out which one is good for you. We have compared this both devices and given our verdict for the best.

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Display

It is said that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will have a 6-inch flexible screen. In fact, we tend to believe that Note 6 will be having the same screen as Note 5. However, given that Galaxy Note 6 would have a 4000 mAh battery power, it is perhaps because of more power consumption caused by a bigger screen.

Apple iPhone 7 will come with 4.7-inch screen size. From display size, you can understand which one is small to hold in hand and compared to the bigger one. The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will come with SUPER AMOLED displays, where the iPhone 7’s screen is LCD.

Note 6 has an incredibly sharp screen, with a resolution of QHD (1440 x 2560) pixels, where the iPhone 7 is limited to 1334 x 750 pixels.

In short, then, the screen is one of the biggest differences between the two phones.

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Processor

Apple iPhone 7 is using iOS 10.3. where Galaxy note 6 is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. iPhone 7 is using Apple A10 Fusion Chip and 2GB of RAM and Galaxy Note 6 will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 823 chipset or Samsung’s homebrew Exynos 8890 chipset.

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Camera

Apple iPhone 7 also had a Rear camera of 12MP and with benefits of optical image stabilization and Front camera with 7MP.

Galaxy Note 6 has a 12MP Rear camera and 5MP front camera.

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 has 4200 mAh battery that would make a bigger than iPhone 7 as it only has 1960 mAh battery. iPhone 7 requires a daily charge and sometimes doesn’t even make it through until bedtime, so the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 has a good chance of going further daily.

Galaxy Note 6 is expected to charge 40 % of the battery in just 4 minutes.

Apple claims that its new iPhones 7 offer ‘longest-ever battery’. According to the company, iPhone 7 will give at least 2 more hours of battery.

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Price

Apple iPhone 7 starts from $649 in the US, £599 in the UK, AU$1,079 in Australia.

iPhone 7 comes with 128GB of storage and 2GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 starts from $1200 in the US, £705 in the UK, Aus$1086 in Australia.

Note 6 comes with storage of 32 GB / 256 GB ,6 GB RAM.

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Verdict

iPhone 7 employs Sapphire glass, dual-lens camera system, wireless charge, etc, and Note 6 is equipped with a Dual Pixel 12 MP sensor on the rear and a 5MP sensor on the front with both sensors having an aperture of f/1.7. They have differences and similarities. They have advantages and also disadvantages. It’s hard to tell which of the two future phones will be better, but easy to choose which one suits you better once you list your needs.

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Comparison: The Best to Go with.

Clash of the Two Big Flagship Smartphones but which you should buy.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7:

Samsung and Apple are facing once again but which mobile has built better phones this time. The Comparison between Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 between their Designs, Specs, and Price which will help you to buy the best phones and you can decide on which phone you have to spend your money.

When Apple launched iPhone 7 last year it was not much impressive. The build quality and features were seeming decent enough to get an overall rating in features and specs. But still iPhone 7 is in the top list of UK and it seems to be on the top list for many who are looking for the upgrade.

Enter the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s latest flagship and the iPhone’s chief Android rival. Samsung has kitted its new phone with the latest and greatest mobile components, so we’ve got high hopes that’ll impress us in our full review.

To know whether Galaxy S8 is better than iPhone 7 we have to compare the key differences between the phones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7: Designs

Now a day it is seeming easy to recognize the smartphones as all of the phones are looking same, But Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 are worlds apart when we talk about their designs.

The Galaxy S8 has a glass back and metal frame, with the glass on both the side gently curving it makes comfortable to hold in hand.

The iPhone 7 has a quite different but similarly premium design, with a metal unibody that’s slim and compact at 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm, while the Galaxy S8 is 148.9 x 68.1 x 8mm. It makes iPhone 7 a bit smaller than Galaxy S8.

The S8 is also IP68 certified, making it slightly more water-resistant than the IP67 certified iPhone 7.

s8 and iphone 7 audio jack

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with 3.5 mm Audio Jack so you can use headphones and you won’t get this with iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7: Display

s8 and iphone 7 display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch screen, which is massive and iPhone 7 comes with 4.7-inch. From display size, you can understand which one is small to hold in hand and compared to the bigger one.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 also uses Super AMOLED, where the iPhone 7’s screen is LCD – meaning Samsung’s phone offers more vivid, high-contrast colors.

The Galaxy S8 also has an incredibly sharp screen, with a resolution of 1440 x 2960, where the iPhone 7 is limited to 750 x 1334

Galaxy S8 has a benefit of a curved screen at the edges, while iPhone 7 is flat. Galaxy S8 supports HDR content, while iPhone 7 doesn’t support it.

In short, then, the screen is one of the biggest differences between the two phones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7: Processor

Samsung Galaxy S8 is running on Android Nougat and Apple iPhone 7 is using iOS 10.3.

Both phones are powerful though. iPhone 7 is using Apple A10 Fusion Chip and 2GB of RAM. While Galaxy S8 will come with Snapdragon 835 Chipset or an Exynos 8895 but it is confirmed that it will come with 4GB of RAM.

Those are both top-end chips, so we expect silky smooth performance in both and perhaps Samsung to at least match the iPhone in terms of screen response under the finger.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7: Camera

s8 and iphone 7 camera

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s camera is much the same as the one the Samsung Galaxy S7 has. There’s a 12MP sensor and the front-facing camera is also slightly more capable, with an 8MP sensor.

Apple iPhone 7 also had a Rear camera of 12MP and with benefits of optical image stabilization and Front camera with 7MP.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7: Battery

Samsung Galaxy S8 has 3000 mAh battery that would make a bigger than iPhone as it only has 1960 mAh battery. iPhone 7 requires a daily charge and sometimes doesn’t even make it through until bedtime, so the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a good chance of going further daily.

The S8 is also supported fast charging. The iPhone 7 can also charge quickly, but only if you plug it into a 2.1A iPad charger, rather than the plug that comes with the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7: Price

Samsung Galaxy S8 cost a lot more than iPhone 7. In the US it is $729, £689 in the UK and AU$1,199 in Australia.

Apple iPhone 7 starts from $649 in the US, £599 in the UK, AU$1,079 in Australia.

But then again, there’s only a 64GB version of the Galaxy S8, while the iPhone 7 starts with 32GB of storage. So it’s technically a better entry-level value.

There is no 64GB iPhone 7 model, but even the 128GB one comes in at $749/£699/AU$1,229, which is comparable in the UK and still cheaper than the rumored S8 price in the US.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7: Verdict

The iPhone 7 is the best phone but Galaxy S8 has some neat new tricks to give it the literal edge. If we talk about Operating system, S8 has larger, sharper and better screen and premium design with higher price tag.

The difference between camera is slightly hard to guess for the best and battery power is about same.

Going purely by specs, the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks to be the slightly more powerful phone – but the spec list isn’t everything, and you’ll have to pay an eye-watering price to get it.

Apple iPhone X: Rumors, Specs and Release date and Price

Apple iPhone X: Rumors, Specs and Release date and Price

Apple 8 rumours


Recently, iPhone turned 10. Yes, you read it right, the first iPhone was launched 10 years ago, and in 2017, the iPhone X is all set to launch. This much anticipated launch is being eagerly awaited not only by the Apple patrons who are ready to upgrade their current handset, but, also by the tech experts who are still not sure about what’s going to happen on the next iPhone launch.

Some are speculating that iPhone 8 is going to launch, while others are naming it as the Apple iPhone X, the 10th anniversary edition. There are about two months to go, and still the industry insiders are not sure about anything as there are so many conflicting rumours in the market.

Highlighting Factors Of the Apple iPhone X

As per the current rumours, the iPhone is undergoing a major re-desigs and this includes wireless charging, OLED display, an advanced iOS with AR capabilities and major changes in the Touch ID.

Here are the primary highlighting features for iPhone X

  • Edge-to-Edge OLED display, possibly with curved screen
  • No physical home button
  • A virtual home button and fingerprint scanner embedded in the display
  • Wireless charging
  • All glass body, or glass body with stainless steel band
  • USB-C charger
  • Dual lens camera with AR capabilities, and possibly vertical configuration
  • Apple pencil support
  • Apple’s next gen processor A11
  • Upgraded RAM and storage (Minimum 3GB RAM and 64 GB Memory)
  • Powered by iOS 11
  • Enhanced waterproofing and water resistance
  • New biometric security with IRIS scanning, and possibly facial recognition

iphone X cocept


Face Recognition or A Virtual Home Button With Touch ID?

Some are saying that Apple is facing troubles in integrating the Touch ID to a virtual home button.

Yes, a virtual home button!!

You may not be able to see a physical home button in upcoming iPhones, and the new iPhone will boast an end-to-end design. On the flip side, some tech experts are saying that Apple is not going to use touch ID anymore, and soon we will have Apple devices with “Face Recognition” technology.


Virtual home button

A11 Processor

Every year, the new iPhone is launched by Apple with an upgraded processor. The iPhone X is likely to be equipped with an A11 chip which has been manufactured through a 10nm manufacturing process. The recent smart phone launched by Samsung is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, which is also made using the same 10 nm manufacturing process.

If the reports are to be believed, then the Apple’s new processor would even beat the A10 Fusion processor (the best mobile phone processor) in performance.

All Glass Design

Yes, an all glass design.

Allegedly, Apple is planning for a significant design overhaul, and for the 2017 release, we may have an all-glass design.

Unlike iPhone 7, where Apple used an aluminum casing, the iPhone X will have all-glass enclosure.

While Apple experimented with an all-glass design in Apple iPhone 4 and 4S, in which the stainless steel band was sandwiched between the front and back glass panel, but, it didn’t please the customers as much as they complained that their iPhone was breaking too easily.


Many tech experts believe that all-glass design might make the phone too heavy, and will also result in breakage of glass upon falling, but, Apple will certainly use his ultra-strong lass that will put an end to incidents of breaking the screen or the back of the phone.

Also, an all-glass design supports better antenna reception and allows to innovate with the various wireless charging options.

Curved OLED Display

One more major change that you might see in the iPhone X is the curved display, while its not sure that Apple would use the curved display design, but, as per industry insiders,  out of all the prototypes for Apple iPhone X which were considered for testing at least one had he curved OLED design.

While Apple is certainly going to upgrade the screens of the new device with OLED, but, whether it would be curved or not is not sure.

iphone-8 OLED

As per Digitimes, in April 2017, Apple signed a two-year contract with Samsung to supply OLED panels. OLED displays are far more superior to the LCD ones, and deliver better display.

Apple iPhone X Release Date

As far as the release date is concerned, the Apple customers might have to wait this year. Owing to the major redesigning that new iPhone X is going through, Apple needs some more time to unveil its new device.

Unlike every year, iPhone would not be launched in September this year. If the ongoing rumors are to be believed then, iPhone X would be launched somewhere in November, and even after pre-booking it in November, the customers might have to wait for another few weeks to get their own iPhone X.

There’s another set of rumors are accentuating on the fact that the iPhone might be launched in September only, but, the on-sale date would be pushed till November’ 2017.

iPhone X Price 

The price of the new iPhone X is expected to vary between $850 – $1100. The price in the UK might be somewhere between 650 – 900 pounds. In India, the phone is expected to be launched with a starting price of INR 55,000 and can go up to INR 75,000 for the phoned with higher configurations.

Read More : iPhone 8 features 


Apple iphone 8 launch date, specifications,features ,Price

As soon as Apple launches a new device, the speculations for its successor start doing the rounds. As per the recent rumors, the next generation of iPhone will be the first one to flaunt a water proof model and wireless charging.

Samsung, the Apple’s tech rival has already launched the smart phones with these features, and many experts are speculating that Apple, with these new features, is planning to give strong competition to its Android counterparts launched by Samsung.

Apple iPhone 8 To Have Wireless Charging Feature

Apple iPhone 8 is going to be one of the biggest tech gadget launches of this year, and as it’s the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone, we may get to see something extraordinary from the company.

There are many rumors about the next iPhone launch, and each of these rumors is giving us a sense that Apple is overhauling its next device with an array of premium features, out of which “Wireless Charging” is very prominent.

Apple wireless charging

While there are so many strong rumours about the wireless charging, that it has become pretty clear that you won’t need a cable to charge your iPhone 8, but, whether it is going to be the industry standard “Qi Wireless Charging”, where one can place his/her device on an induced surface to charge it, or Apple will introduce a new and innovative “long range charging” capability is still  secret.

As per the reports released by “Wistron” which assembles iPhone models in India, it has been confirmed that at least one of the new models of iPhone will have wireless charging capability. The spokesperson at Wistron said that the new models with the said features require some different type of testing, and in order to test the iPhones for wireless charging, the quality tests will be changed.

Some other rumors and past events which hint that Apple might introduce a new type of wireless charging technology include:

  • Apple, in February’ 2017, joined the “Wireless Power Consortium” industry group.
  • Apple previously filed the patents for “how to charge the devices with the help of Wi-Fi signals”.

Apple wireless charging 01

The leaked pictures of the iPhone 8 also show that the new phone will be carrying a glass back panel, which is going to be a “sandwich” design of stainless steel and glass. To make the wireless contact charging possible, glass is required on the back panel. The leaked schematics also show Qi wireless charging coils placed inside the device. If these leaked designs real, then, it would be possible to charge the new iPhone simply by placing it on an inductive charging surface.

You Can Use Your New Apple Phone in Shower As It Is Going To Be Waterproof

While there are many Android devices in the market which offer waterproof designs, but, this is certainly going to be a new feature for Apple patrons. Currently, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus feature a waterproof design, but, even this design is expected to go through several improvements.

iphone 8 water proof

Given the fact that iPhone 8 is going to be a premium phone being launched on Apple’s 10th anniversary, the smart phone giant is definitely going to position it above the iPhone 7S, and that’s why iPhone 8 will feature improved water resistance.

Currently, only iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S are splash and water resistant, but, the fine prints of Apple warn that the dust, water, and splash resistance are not the permanent conditions. The resistance can decrease over the time as a consequence of the normal wear. Also, at present, the iPhone water damage is not covered by the Apple’s warranties.

However, the scenario may not be the same after the launch of iPhone 8, as, allegedly, the waterproofing is expected to improve with the new model of iPhone.

IP68 Rated Water Resistance for New Apple iPhone

As per a report released in the beginning of the,  it was said that the Apple’s new iPhones will flaunt the improved “IP68-rated Water Resistance”. One of the Apple’s competitors that feature the same water resistance is Samsung Galaxy S8, which also has IP68-rated Water Resistance, and it’s capable of withstanding 1.5 meters of water for approx. 30 minutes.


The IP68-rated Water Resistance is one of the best standards for water resistance, and in the IP68 rating, 6 signifies effective dust proofing with no ingress of dust and complete protection against the contact, and 8 signifies even more efficient water proofing for the device.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which are currently the only waterproof models by Apple have an IP67 water Proof rating, and the jump from this current rating to IP68-Rated Water Resistance implies that the new iPhone can be submerged in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes without any damage.

These new features will ensure that Apple’s iPhones are no less than any Samsung or Android phone with respect to new and innovative features. Well, how these new devices are perceived by the audience, would be interesting to see.

iPhone 8 Expected Release Date

iPhone Model Release date
iPhone 5 September 2012
iPhone 5S and 5C September 2013
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus September 2014
iPhone 6S September 2015
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus September 2016
iPhone 8 September 2017
iPhone 8 Plus Q1 2018


Appe iphone 8 price is expected to be in between $800-$900 which varies with the Gb memory and other add-ons.it also varies in different countries. Here is the list of all countries expected price of the next apple phone.

iPhone 8 PRICE

Country iPhone 8 Price (16 GB/32 GB)
United States (USA) $800 – $900
United Kingdom (UK) £500 – £550
Australia AUD 1100 – AUD1200
Canada CAD 1050 – CAD1200
UAE AED 4000 – AED 4500
India INR 60,000 – INR 65,000
Pakistan PKR 80,000 – PRK 85,000