Apple iPhone X: Rumors, Specs and Release date and Price

Apple iPhone X: Rumors, Specs and Release date and Price

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Recently, iPhone turned 10. Yes, you read it right, the first iPhone was launched 10 years ago, and in 2017, the iPhone X is all set to launch. This much anticipated launch is being eagerly awaited not only by the Apple patrons who are ready to upgrade their current handset, but, also by the tech experts who are still not sure about what’s going to happen on the next iPhone launch.

Some are speculating that iPhone 8 is going to launch, while others are naming it as the Apple iPhone X, the 10th anniversary edition. There are about two months to go, and still the industry insiders are not sure about anything as there are so many conflicting rumours in the market.

Highlighting Factors Of the Apple iPhone X

As per the current rumours, the iPhone is undergoing a major re-desigs and this includes wireless charging, OLED display, an advanced iOS with AR capabilities and major changes in the Touch ID.

Here are the primary highlighting features for iPhone X

  • Edge-to-Edge OLED display, possibly with curved screen
  • No physical home button
  • A virtual home button and fingerprint scanner embedded in the display
  • Wireless charging
  • All glass body, or glass body with stainless steel band
  • USB-C charger
  • Dual lens camera with AR capabilities, and possibly vertical configuration
  • Apple pencil support
  • Apple’s next gen processor A11
  • Upgraded RAM and storage (Minimum 3GB RAM and 64 GB Memory)
  • Powered by iOS 11
  • Enhanced waterproofing and water resistance
  • New biometric security with IRIS scanning, and possibly facial recognition

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Face Recognition or A Virtual Home Button With Touch ID?

Some are saying that Apple is facing troubles in integrating the Touch ID to a virtual home button.

Yes, a virtual home button!!

You may not be able to see a physical home button in upcoming iPhones, and the new iPhone will boast an end-to-end design. On the flip side, some tech experts are saying that Apple is not going to use touch ID anymore, and soon we will have Apple devices with “Face Recognition” technology.


Virtual home button

A11 Processor

Every year, the new iPhone is launched by Apple with an upgraded processor. The iPhone X is likely to be equipped with an A11 chip which has been manufactured through a 10nm manufacturing process. The recent smart phone launched by Samsung is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, which is also made using the same 10 nm manufacturing process.

If the reports are to be believed, then the Apple’s new processor would even beat the A10 Fusion processor (the best mobile phone processor) in performance.

All Glass Design

Yes, an all glass design.

Allegedly, Apple is planning for a significant design overhaul, and for the 2017 release, we may have an all-glass design.

Unlike iPhone 7, where Apple used an aluminum casing, the iPhone X will have all-glass enclosure.

While Apple experimented with an all-glass design in Apple iPhone 4 and 4S, in which the stainless steel band was sandwiched between the front and back glass panel, but, it didn’t please the customers as much as they complained that their iPhone was breaking too easily.


Many tech experts believe that all-glass design might make the phone too heavy, and will also result in breakage of glass upon falling, but, Apple will certainly use his ultra-strong lass that will put an end to incidents of breaking the screen or the back of the phone.

Also, an all-glass design supports better antenna reception and allows to innovate with the various wireless charging options.

Curved OLED Display

One more major change that you might see in the iPhone X is the curved display, while its not sure that Apple would use the curved display design, but, as per industry insiders,  out of all the prototypes for Apple iPhone X which were considered for testing at least one had he curved OLED design.

While Apple is certainly going to upgrade the screens of the new device with OLED, but, whether it would be curved or not is not sure.

iphone-8 OLED

As per Digitimes, in April 2017, Apple signed a two-year contract with Samsung to supply OLED panels. OLED displays are far more superior to the LCD ones, and deliver better display.

Apple iPhone X Release Date

As far as the release date is concerned, the Apple customers might have to wait this year. Owing to the major redesigning that new iPhone X is going through, Apple needs some more time to unveil its new device.

Unlike every year, iPhone would not be launched in September this year. If the ongoing rumors are to be believed then, iPhone X would be launched somewhere in November, and even after pre-booking it in November, the customers might have to wait for another few weeks to get their own iPhone X.

There’s another set of rumors are accentuating on the fact that the iPhone might be launched in September only, but, the on-sale date would be pushed till November’ 2017.

iPhone X Price 

The price of the new iPhone X is expected to vary between $850 – $1100. The price in the UK might be somewhere between 650 – 900 pounds. In India, the phone is expected to be launched with a starting price of INR 55,000 and can go up to INR 75,000 for the phoned with higher configurations.

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